Grinberg Method

Karen Carmeli

Karen Carmeli comes from Tel Aviv (Israel).

Qualified therapist of  the Grinberg Method 
Holistic therapy and reflexology since 2007
I've worked at my privet clinic & Hilton SPA Tel-Aviv 
Working in Tokyo since 2010

I consult in English, Hebrew and Japanese (not fluent).

Tel : 080-3273-0773

Email :

The Grinberg Method is a New holistic therapy to learn through the touch-technic on painful muscles, how to develop the awareness, recognize and stop repetitive mental & physical behavior that exhaust your muscles and cause the pain. 
Combined breathing instructions, movement, deep tissue, and stretching. 
Helps curing heavy scarring and deep emotional wounds as well. 
Usually, when people feel pain, their first reaction is to contract the muscle or to ignore the pain. 
And even to hide it, sometimes.
I teach through the touch-technic, to pay attention to the pain, to breath, to release the tension and to feel the change that it brings. 
Because naturally, the body has power to heal itself. The pain is a sign that the muscles are too tired and the body needs a change. 
It's specially useful if you suffer from: 
migraines, stiff neck & shoulders, lower back pain, stress, insomnia and constipation.